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NEXUS Consultants Sp. z o.o. is a Polish consultancy firm based in Gdynia. Since 1993, we have actively participated in the process of the transformation of the Polish economy. We support companies in their market development by identifying effective solutions based on modern management tools for marketing, finance and organisation. Our consultancy activities take full account of the needs of our clients and their potential.


Tomasz F. Pelc

Tomasz Pelc

President of the Management Board
Has been involved in the economic transformations in Poland and Europe for over 30 years.
Author of numerous project initiatives in scope of power engineering, the gas industry, and the broad concept of management consulting.
For over 10 years, he has been involved in offshore and hydrogen projects, mainly in the context of developing product markets, logistics, and applications.
Initiated establishment of the Hydrogen Technology Cluster.
Enthusiast of cycling (initiator of the NEXUS Team project), sailing, swimming, fine cuisine, and good wine.
His modus operandi is the message conveyed in the Wojciech Młynarski song entitled Róbmy swoje (Let’s All Do Our Thing).
Mirosław Siatkowski

Mirosław Siatkowski

Managing Director
Experienced manager and business consultant with over 20 years of experience in managing and carrying out consulting products supported by experience in teaching academic classes.
Specialises in consulting projects in scope of consolidations, acquisitions, business model development, and enterprise restructuring. Over the past few years, he has been involved in projects associated with renewable energy sources.
A fan of football (which he actively plays as well), alpine skiing, Polish cinema, and impressionist paintings.
Anna Otwinowska

Anna Otwinowska

Director of Operations
Capable of handling entrusted tasks efficiently thanks to education in corporate finances and accounting and experience gathered over 20 years in scope of consulting projects for industrial companies and service providers.
In scope of consulting, carries out assignments covering the financial aspects of projects.
Develops financial models for purposes of economic analyses, EU funding applications, business plans, and valuations.
Contributes to comprehensive corporate state audits and restructuring projects.
Anna Siłakowska

Anna Siłakowska

Business and financial advisor
 Supporting clients in the field of finance. For more than 20 years, she has been preparing cost-benefit analyses, business plans, project feasibility studies, business valuations, controlling and budgeting systems, financial tools and models in MS Excel to improve financial management.
Anna Siłakowska has completed more than 180 advisory projects for companies in various industries (energy, gas, ports, transport and logistics, construction, industrial production, food, utilities, trade, services and others). She participated in mergers and acquisitions.
Anna is a graduate of the Gdansk University of Technology, as well as of postgraduate programmes at the Wroclaw University of Technology (Business Accounting) and NEOMA Business School (France). Currently in the process of ACPA CGMA certification (she holds CIMA Cert BA).
Anna is interested in social psychology and loves reading, especially literary journalism nonfiction.
Walerian Majewski

Walerian Majewski

NEXUS Consultants Expert
Expert and experienced consultant in energy and hydrogen strategies. For almost 10 years, he has been implementing projects in the field of hydrogen technologies for the largest national companies. He is the co-author of the Smart Grid concept for the Polish natural gas transmission system. He prepared strategies for the development of hydrogen-based energy storage and hydrogen HUBs. He co-authored the first regional hydrogen strategy in Poland.
Marek Foltynowicz

Marek Foltynowicz

Expert in hydrogen technology
 Consultant in the Oil & Gas industry, lecturer, author of patents, numerous publications and speeches at scientific conferences. Member of supervisory boards of companies in the oil sector. He is involved in many projects in the field of hydrogen technology and e-mobility, also as the co-author of the concept of hydrogen production and supply for bus depots, project advisor for the installation of hydrogen generation at a wind farm and the construction of a refuelling point, expert of the project "Economical 2050 - H2Wielkopolska", co-author of the project "Strategy of hydrogen development in Wielkopolska until 2030".
Marek Foltynowicz is a graduate of the Faculty of Technology and Chemical Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. He worked in several engineering companies and at construction sites in Poland and abroad, at Gdansk Refinery (where he was responsible for the development of refining strategies and modernisation) and Lotos Group (as technical coordinator of the HESTOR project - "Energy storage in the form of hydrogen in salt caverns - hydrogen obtained from renewable energy surplus"), as a Member of the Management Board of "NAFTA POLSKA SA". , and then a Member of the Management Board of PGNiG SA. He was Chairman of the Steering Committee overseeing the initial public offerings of PKN Orlen S.A and PGNiG SA.
Currently, he is working as an expert with the Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce and the Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies in Gdansk.

Adam Kielak

Adam Kielak

Scientist and businessman
For 30 years as a manager in energy sector companies: President of the Management Board of Pomorska Spółka Gazownictwa, Polska Spółka Gazownictwa and PGNIG Gazoprojekt S.A., Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ZRUG Toruń S.A. or Geofizyka Toruń S.A.

Expert in hydrogen energy generation, storage and utilisation. Specialist in pipeline transport of gas fuels, distribution and transmission networks, gas stations, LNG and CEG stations, gas compressor stations, pressure equipment, biogas plants and biogas upgrading systems.

Doctor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), Master's degree in Economics and Marketing, MBA. Currently: Assistant Professor at the Department of Control Engineering of the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering, Gdansk University of Technology and Research Coordinator at Fidelio Biogas Sp. z o. o. Graduate of the postgraduate programmes at the Warsaw University of Technology, AGH University of Science and Technology, Gdynia University of Law and Diplomacy. Member of the Pomeranian Employers Council.

Aneta Szymborska

Aneta Szymborska

Accounting Specialist
Monika Marczak

Monika Marczak

Administrative Specialist

Weronika Adamczyk

Project support specialist
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