29 November 2023
The future of hydrogen

In 2050, in accordance with all strategies and guiding documents, only broadly understood energy and hydrogen will "reign" in Europe. Broadly understood energy includes not only electricity but also energy "stored" in green ammonia and e-methanol. The energy mix will include the production of electricity in nuclear power plants and from renewable energy sources (RES), […]

13 May 2021
Hydrogen - next steps - Poisoners

We are starting to consider the way through the transitional period from carbon to zero emission. Natural gas is one of the methods, which is determined by our (Polish) “energy poverty” and the need to “make up the shortcomings with respect of Western Europe countries”. Unfortunately, I believe that this is being done too late. […]

15 December 2020
Summary of the PCHET 2020 Hydrogen Conference held on 28-29 September 2020 – part II.

I will begin part two of the PCHET 2020 Hydrogen Conference summary with legalities. We had an interesting debate hosted by Michał Sznycer (MGS Law), which led to some curious conclusions. To me, the most important one is that we should refrain from creating a special “hydrogen law” in favour of taking the currently effective […]

30 September 2020
Summary of the PCHET 2020 Hydrogen Conference held on 28-29 September 2020 – part I.

A few reflections from the #PCHET 2020 Hydrogen Conference. It’s no longer just a possibility, it’s now inevitable. Europe has decided that hydrogen will serve as the main element of European economy in the context of storing and processing electricity. When we discuss offshore wind, we are supposed to be talking about hydrogen. And vice […]

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