active hydrogen market participant

NEXUS Consultants is the initiator of the project of the Pomerania Province Local Government and the Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies which goes by the name of Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley.
Within the framework of the Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley, a local hydrogen market with a capacity of up to 2,000 tonnes per year will be built through project initiatives. Most of the hydrogen will come from renewable energy sources as only the use of “green” hydrogen allows for the application for a very attractive grant – up to 80% funding.

Hy-way to Hel

The Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley is supported by such projects as, for instance ”Hy-way to Hel”, i.e. the construction of marine, railway and land connections to the Hel Peninsula using hydrogen as an energy carrier. This is a project which is related to ship-building and the purchasing of hydrogen-powered trains and buses. The project is currently being implemented (specifically, the phase related to buses) – the relevant agreement was signed in June 2020. By virtue of the above-mentioned agreement, 56 hydrogen-powered buses will appear in such municipalities as Tczew, Gdansk, Gdynia and Wejherowo. Currently, work related to the launching of the phase of the project related to railway transport is being conducted. The consultants representing NEXUS Consultants are involved in the implementation of the respective phases of the above-mentioned projects as well as the construction of the hydrogen eco-system”.
As a member of the Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies we are now part of the European Association of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells - HYDROGEN EUROPE.
The association brings together over 100 industrial companies, 68 research organisations and 13 other associations. It cooperates with the institutions of the European Union and respective member states to develop fuel cells and hydrogen technologies. The members of the association include such companies as e.g.: 3M, Airbus, Alstom, Anglo American, Audi, BMW GROUP, China Energy, General Motors and Toyota.
The members of the Hydrogen Europe Association have a real impact on the formulation of rules for granting financial resources from EU Funds to projects related to clean technologies.
NEXUS Consultants implements innovative projects in various areas of the hydrogen economy - market analyses, feasibility studies and business plans. Acquisition of external funds, including grants.

our projects

Analysis within the framework of the HESTOR project, whose aim was to determine the effectiveness of storage of excess electricity in the form of hydrogen obtained by way of electrolysis, using renewable energy sources.
forecast for the development of the RES in Poland, with particular consideration for the Pomeranian Province
electricity balance and determination of any potential imbalance of the National Power System
definition of potential business models for the use of energy storage in the LOTOS Group
profitability analysis for each business model under consideration
Preparation of a critical opinion (supplementary paper) to the technical description of the project, including proposals for optional solutions
Analysis and determination of the electricity balance in Poland for three scenarios of the renewable energy sector development in Poland.
Forecast of natural gas prices in Poland over the period of the next 30 years
Forecast of electricity prices in Poland over the period of the next 30 years, taking into account the seasonal, daily and hourly variability of these prices.
Development of an economic model including a multi-variant economic analysis, which covers:
The use of hydrogen for energy purposes (price arbitration, receipt of electricity surplus from RSE, active power reserve, possibilities for grid load balancing, reduction in the costs of participation in the balancing market, etc.)
the use of hydrogen as fuel in transport (estimation of the costs of production and sales price for hydrogen fuel)
 the use of hydrogen for refinery purposes (including estimation of the costs of production of hydrogen based on gas)
Financial estimation of the ecological effect of the Project

project HESTOR

Preparation of a supplementary paper accompanying the preliminary technical concept of the project entitled: ”The storage of energy in the form of hydrogen in salt caverns”

project PURE H2

Construction of the hydrogen treatment, compression and storage plant including two hydrogen tanking stations – ”PURE H2”
Preparation of a feasibility study (CBA) for the investment, including a financial model
Preparation of an application for co-financing of the project including the required annexes
Support in the process of submission of the application
The holding of negotiations and exchanges of opinions related to the model agreement provided by INEA for the Project financing
Participation in meetings held at the headquarters of INEA
Correspondence and preparation of presentations related to the meetings held
Strategic analysis of the hydrogen market in Poland
 Analysis of key success factors for functioning on the hydrogen market in Poland
Definition of project initiatives
Determination of the necessary resources for the implementation of the hydrogen strategy,
The Road Map for the implementation of the strategy in the LOTOS Group

road map

Preparation of a road map for the implementation of the hydrogen strategy in the LOTOS Group


Economic profitability analysis for the possibility of involvement of the LOTOS SA Group in the treatment of biogas to obtain bio-methane in the network gas quality.
Setting of the major market objectives
 Determination of the biogas treatment technology and parameters
Identification of potential biogas plants in Poland, including provision of their parameters for raw methane production
Determination of key technical-economic parameters of the plant, such as treated methane production
Economic analysis for the construction of the treatment plant
Summary, in the form of a SWOT analysis, including the determination of opportunities and conditions for market development in Poland
Informacje kwartalne (IK)
Action Status Report (ASR)
 Individual Financial Statement (IFS)

project  PUREH2

Performance of Reporting Obligations related to the Implementation of the First Half of the PUREH2 Project


The long-term road map for the implementation of the Smart Grid concept in the Gas Transmission Operator - GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.
Analytical-conceptual work in the area of technology and business, related to the idea of the construction of Smart Power Grids using the natural gas transmission network.
Power-to-gas hydrogen technologies. The characteristics of the currently available gas-to-power technologies. Their applications in the energy and transport sectors. methanisation processes.
The impact of the concept on the gas distribution and transmission networks
The impact of the development of the renewable energy sector on the National Power System. Estimated demand for energy storage services. Forecast for hydrogen demand in Poland
Economic analyses, demand forecasts

Żegluga Gdańska

Preparation of an application for an EU grant concerning the electric hydrogen drive for two new passenger units
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