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One of the areas in which NEXUS is specialised includes the marine economy. We advise practically all groups of entities whose participation will be necessary at different stages of the emerging LNG bunkering market – i.e. shipyards and companies representing the steel construction sector, LNG solution providers, gas trading and distribution companies, sea ports and ship-owners.
We have extensive experience and competences regarding the LNG market - including the use of LNG as fuel in marine transport – acquired, e.g. during work for marine port boards and companies from the gas sector. We prepare highly specialised projects in the area of small-scale LNG utilisation. Innovative LNG bunkering ships. Electricity generation in ports. LNG Logistics

Smart metering

Technical, organisational and economic analysis of smart metering system implementation in the gas sector
Feasibility study, including:
legal, regulatory and other environments, which determine the possibility of obtaining funding for project implementation,
market analysis and demand forecast for LNG ship bunkering and supply of electricity to the ships,
technical and financial-economic analyses of investment options including recommendations,
technical concept including technical drawings, abbreviated technical specification and vessel visualisations,
determination of the unit class and selection of the classification society,
analysis of economic and organisational feasibility of the Project,
description and recommendations for the vessel design and construction process.
Business Case Analysis and business plan for the implementation of the undertaking, including:
road map for the Project implementation,
identification of participants and assignment of their roles in the Project implementation,
business model for the investment implementation,
Project financing scheme,
proposals for the consortium agreement.
CBA carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the European Commission and in a manner that enables the use of results of the analysis in the process of filing applications for grants.
Active financial model of the Project
Feasibility study, including: constraction process, abbreviated technical specification, vessel visualisations, technical and financial-economic analysis.


Feasibility study for the project involving the construction of a pilot plant for the reception of cooling energy from the LNG regasification process, and its transmission to end recipients who use this cooling energy in their technological processes
analysis of the legal and regulatory environments as well as other organisational requirements, which determines the possibility of receiving a grant,
market analysis and forecast for cooling energy supply as well as cooling energy demand,
 development of a technical concept for the Project,
financial-economic analysis, including sensitivity and risk analyses,
ranking of technical-technological solutions including a schedule for implementation and recommendations.
analysis of the legal and economic environments of the investment – including a forecast for electricity prices
comparative analyses of available technologies and recommendations for the optimal technology and location of the investment
preliminary environmental impact assessment of the investment
investment schedule including an estimation of necessary investment outlays
financial and economic analyses, including CBA analysis


Preliminary feasibility study for the construction of the CAES system in gas compression stations to optimise electricity consumption
Price path projections
Comparative analysis of the costs of the application of Hydrowax, as the fuel for the production of peak electricity using a gas turbine - in relation to the costs of the application of the LNG from the network, commissioned by the LOTOS SA Group, including a forecast for LNG prices.
Forecast for LNG demand in Gdynia Port
Concept of LNG management for bunkering ships in the Gdynia Port,
Concept of LNG management for the production of electricity in the Gdynia Port,
Feasibility study for the project entitled ”Construction of the LNG-fired power plant founded on a barge located in the Gdynia Port including the accompanying infrastructure”
Active financial model of the investment
Concept for the utilisation of LNG in the Gdynia Port
Analysis of possibilities for the development of a company on the LNG market
The aim of the study was to present the possibilities for the development of the Rockfin Company on the LNG market
As part of the document:
multi-faceted market analyses were prepared in reference to the development of the LNG market,
main conditions for entering these markets by the Company were indicated,
the optimal model of cooperation with potential business partners was recommended.
The effect of the study was
the optimal business model for the provision of services by the Company on the above-mentioned markets (detailed description of its functioning),
recommendations regarding the possibilities of entering the LNG market by the Company
Preliminary feasibility study for LNG bunkering and electricity production
Conditions for the project:
Description of the port infrastructure for bunkering the LNG ships and supplying them with electricity.
Description of existing solutions for LNG ship bunkering
Description of alternative solutions for supplying electricity to ships.
Legal conditions
Analysis and demand forecasts
Project definition
Material scope
Investment outlays
Description of the method of management and organisation of the project completion
Implementation schedule
Financial-economic analysis
Sensitivity and risk analyses
Concept of construction of the station for LNG bunkering in Poland
The concept for the construction of the station for the bunkering of LNG for ships operating in the region of the European Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA) as a result of the expected implementation of the Sulphur Directive at the beginning of the year 2015, which will lower the limit of sulphur content in fuel down to 0.1%.
Concept of implementation of the project aimed at the improvement of the natural environment in the city of Gdynia, by promoting the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) in municipal taxi services and driving schools, including the creation of conditions, solutions and systems of incentives for potential stakeholders
Analysis of the market of potential programme participants: taxi transport companies and driving schools
Development of a detailed model of cooperation between the City of Gdynia and PGNiG S.A. in the project implementation
Development of the details of the programme for the development of CNG utilisation in municipal taxi services and driving schools.
Development of a handling system and the procedures related to the functioning of the project.
Development of an implementation plan and system for monitoring the effects of the programme implementation.
Cross-cutting analysis of available programmes related to obtaining funds from the European Union, including selection of those which can be used in the area of CNG.
Assignment of selected programmes to specific investment tasks (purchasing of new fleet, construction of new stations, provision of additional financing for CNG installations in the used vehicles, etc.)
Analysis of selected programmes in terms of chances for their acquisition by potential investors (PGNiG S.A., local government units, including but not limited to municipal transport companies).
Information about obstacles and possibilities related to using EU funds in the performance of tasks in the area of CNG.
CNG in road transport
Analysis of the possibility of the acquisition of funds from EU grants for the completion of the project, which involves the use of CNG in the road transport services
smart metering 
Technical, organisational and economic analysis of smart metering system implementation in the gas sector.
Analytical-conceptual work based on the methodology of performance of Cost-Benefit Analyses (CBA).
Multidimensional analysis of implementation variants. Economic analysis of the implementation of remote metering using the recommended variant.
Profitability analyses
Profitability analyses for investments related to the construction or purchase of natural gas-fired power plants/CHP plants
Profitability analysis for the acquisition of the natural gas-fired CHP. Wierzchowice Underground Gas Storage
Analysis of the potential for the marketing of low-emission gas fuel in marine shipping within the area of the European Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA)
Analysis of the market conditions for the development of the market for the bunkering of low-emission gas fuel within the SECA
Analysis of demand for the bunkering of low-emission gas fuel within the SECA, with particular consideration of Polish ports
Scenario for entering the market for low-emission gas fuel bunkering
At the request of Remontowa LNG Systems Sp. z o.o., the consultants from NEXUS drew up a description of the Concept, which covered, in particular, its scope, business model, budget and schedule. We also prepared the application for additional financing of the pilot project based on the final version of the Concept within the framework of the CEF Transport instrument. At present, the consultants are providing consulting support in relation to the preparation and launching of the Project, related to the conclusion of agreements with potential partners and the preparation of guidelines for the Project completion in accordance with the applicable regulations of the CEF Transport blending instrument.
Cooperation in the establishment and marketing of the distribution of LNG fuel, based on “colourful” containers and “intelligent” docking stations
Development of the concept of entering the LNG logistics segment by Remontowa SA, covering
description of conditions for the development of the LNG market in Poland
the current situation and the LNG market potential in Poland,
technical solutions related to the LNG logistics,
potential synergies with other economy sectors
Optimisation of resources for the implemented processes:
audits of organisations,
process mapping,
economic-financial analyses
Development of the functional requirements for the implemented IT systems
Projects related to the functioning of distribution systems
NEXUS Consultants has experience resulting from cooperation with many distribution system operators (power and gas). The clients, which cooperate with NEXUS in this area, include TAURON-Dystrybucja S.A., ENERGA-Operator S.A. as well as natural gas distribution companies currently consolidated under the name Polska Spółka Gazownictwa sp. z o.o. The initiatives undertaken in the area of distribution cover the following thematic issues:
Profitability analyses
Profitability analyses for investments related to the construction or purchase of liquid natural gas-fired power plants and combined heat power plants.
Profitability analysis commissioned by ENERGA S.A. for the construction of a liquid natural gas-fired peaking power plant or energy-security power plant.
Analysis of potential variants of the investment, consisting of an upgrade of the heating system in the Production Plant of Remontowa Hydraulic Systems in Prabuty – including construction of a liquid natural gas-fired CHP unit
Work resulting from consolidation processes taking place in energy groups, covering, in particular, renewable energy sources.
Conceptual analyses and work related to the development of the wind energy sector in Poland, including those related to the offshore market: in the context of the development of energy groups, and covering industrial construction industry (including shipyards), optimal use of investment areas (e.g. in Polish ports).
Road map for the construction of an offshore wind farm.
Audit of the Water Area organisation in ENEA Wytwarzanie – analysis of the current model of functioning, management, internal conditions, analysis in terms of the identification of barriers, good practices; analysis of business processes in the Water Area, economic analysis, internal and external benchmarking, determination of the potential for improving effectiveness, development of the target Water Area model which takes into consideration the objectives set for it.
Other areas
Other areas of business related to the operation of energy markets
Analysis of the current state and the concept of optimisation of shipping companies
Analysis of the current and further functioning of companies in the context of business links, including a profitability analysis regarding the usage of the vessels owned by the entities.
Estimation of the value of the owned vessels
Development of the concept of protection of the assets owned in companies, including an indication of optimal directions for further activity
Identification of formal requirements for proper project implementation
Preparation of recommendations for preparing and conducting tender procedures
Ongoing advisory services in procedures for the selection of suppliers, preparation of opinions and recommendations
Professional support in the processes of project control by external institutions, including the Centre for EU Transport Projects
GTC container terminal expansion project
Other projects
Other projects in the ship-building or port industries
INTER BALT Sp. z o.o. - development strategy for the years 2016-2018
Gdynia Port - consultancy in the process of the sale of subsidiaries of the Gdynia Port in the years 2003-2010
MARS FIZ - an ownership and investment strategy for the shipbuilding-steel companies, as part of the FIZ MARS portfolio
MARS Shipyards & Offshore – participation in the strategy implementation process
Energomontaż-Północ Gdynia – due diligence ZCP Mostostal Chojnice
SR NAUTA SA – assessment of the profitability of the acquisition of Synergia 99 sp. z o.o.
SR NAUTA SA – audit of KONREM NAUTA sp. z o.o
SR NAUTA SA – development of a company strategy and participation in the implementation process
CRIST SA – analysis of strategic directions for the Company's business.
Energomontaż-Północ Gdynia – strategy for the building of the offshore group
SR NAUTA SA - model of the functioning of the new construction work segment
SR NAUTA SA – development of the concept and implementation of the operational and strategic controlling
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