29 November 2023

The future of hydrogen

In 2050, in accordance with all strategies and guiding documents, only broadly understood energy and hydrogen will "reign" in Europe. Broadly understood energy includes not only electricity but also energy "stored" in green ammonia and e-methanol.
The energy mix will include the production of electricity in nuclear power plants and from renewable energy sources (RES), with 20-25% nuclear energy and the rest, i.e. 75-80% from RES.

If the above is implemented, the "king" on the broadly understood energy market will not be the one who can produce it, but the one who will be able to store and process it - i.e. store and process hydrogen. An important note here - electricity producers, having the ability to store surpluses of energy produced in the form of hydrogen storage and processing, will produce hydrogen.

The Pomeranian Voivodeship has unique opportunities to store hydrogen in salt caverns. Analyzes indicate that there is the potential to offer hydrogen storage and processing services to all countries located on the Baltic Sea - ultimately, in 2050, the installed capacity in the Baltic Sea in offshore wind farms will reach approximately 93 GW.

The business model based on hydrogen storage and processing along with local production clearly shows the need to develop, at the current stage, the models of managing the hydrogen process in the Pomeranian Voivodeship – where the hydrogen may be the cheapest in Europe. And this means the need to open up to attracting investors who need green energy and green hydrogen to build  their competitive advantages. These include such industries as chemical, steel as well as industries producing new fuels, such as e-methanol or green ammonia.

The initiative to establish the Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley was announced already in October 2018. From today's perspective, it was not only the first such initiative in Poland, but also perfectly suited to the changes that were to take place in this part of Europe in the following future.
Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the opportunities and using the region's potential to build a completely new opening to a zero-emission industry, new technologies and education at all levels.

The Pomeranian Voivodeship has a unique opportunity to build the entire added value chain of the hydrogen economy, mainly through the possibility of solving a key problem for the future energy system in this part of Europe, i.e. storing surplus energy produced by renewable energy sources.

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